About us

At La Aldea Biomarket we place within your reach a world of healthy, authentic and sustainable products.

La Aldea Biomarket was born from a desire, a family's desire to bring to more and more people products like before, like those that were completely natural and without chemical additives which are harmful to both your health and to the environment.

At La Aldea Biomarket, we believe in Organic agriculture, in local produce wherever possible, and in products that are not chemically manipulated.

Due to this, at La Aldea Biomarket, we pay much attention to where all of our products come from, making sure that they are all organic certified. We are in regular contact with our suppliers, we know their sources and the criteria they follow in the manufacture of their products. We attend Organic fairs to get to know first hand new products and their producers.

At La Aldea Biomarket we believe that feeding our families well today will benefit them tomorrow and for generations to come.

La Aldea Biomarket is a new concept of supermarket, in which, in addition to being able to buy healthy food in a neat and cosy environment, you can also have breakfast, lunch or tea with others, or simply read or even surf the internet. You can also count on your team of professionals who are at your disposal to resolve any questions or queries you may have about any product. And, most surprisingly, you also have a massage treatment service where you can relax, or treat any kind of pain, muscular spasms, lumbar pain, headaches, tired legs, etc., because good health also requires a good physical and emotional condition.



Choosing Organic products for our own and our family's consumption is to choose safe, nutritious, authentic and tasty products. Organic certified products assure us that:

  • - Pesticides or other chemical agents have not been used on crops.
  • - The products have not been genetically modified.
  • - The foodstuffs maintain their qualities in tact, that they are full of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients as well as maintaining their natural taste and aroma.
  • - The food is free from artificial colours, preservatives, E numbers, hydrogenated fats and GMO.
  • - Livestock is cared for and bred free range, and fed appropriately. The use of antibiotics to combat illnesses is avoided as these can remain in the product and end up in our bodies.
  • - The regular rotation of crops ensures a more fertile soil for the production of foodstuffs that we consume.
  • - All food tastes better.

At La Aldea Biomarket we only have Organic certified products, because we believe that it is the only way to guarantee maximum quality of our products.

Any of these seals guarantee that the companies that display them comply with all quality standards.

  • Certificado Europeo
  • Agriculture biologique
  • BIO nach EG-Öko-Verordnung
  • Antiguo certificado europeo
  • Consell català de la producció agrària ecològica - CCPAE
  • Consello regulador da agricultura ecoloxica - Galicia
  • Critères Qualité Certifiés
  • BDIH - Kontrollierte Natur-Kosmetik
  • Demeter agriculture bio-dynamique
  • Eco Cert
  • FSC
  • Ecolabel para la Unión Europea
  • Soil associaton organic standard
  • USDA Organic

Your health, and your family's health start here, at La Aldea Biomarket, because only here will you find what you need for a healthy, safe and quality diet, as well as any kind of grooming product, skincare, home care or pet care, all of which are also natural and safe.

At La Aldea Biomarket you can do your daily shopping the same as you would in a conventional supermarket, but with the difference that here you will always be reassured to know that everything you are choosing is the best for the health of you and your family.


At La Aldea Biomarket you will find:

  • - Fruit and vegetables
  • - Bakery
  • - Butcher
  • - Cow's milk, goat's milk, sheep's milk and all sorts of soya milk
  • - Yoghurts and dairy/non-dairy desserts
  • - Delicatessen and cheeses
  • - Dried foods
  • - Canned food
  • - Honeys, jams and marmalades
  • - Juices and drinks
  • - Wines
  • - Cereals
  • - Children's meals
  • - Confectionery
  • - Cosmetics
  • - Home products
  • - Pet products
  • - Books and music

But, in addition, you'll find some sections that will be hard to find in conventional supermarkets:

  • - Wholefoods.
  • - Vegetable proteins.
  • - Nutritional supplements.
  • - Gluten, sugar and lactose-free products.

And to make your life easier....we cook for you. Eat breakfast, lunch or tea with us or, if you prefer, take your ready-made food home with you.

And finally, and most surprisingly, we have a massage and beauty treatment spa, because good health also requires a good physical and emotional condition.